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Success Stories 

This is Maddie, the kitten tossed off a bridge that started this whole thing!

This is Sis. She took over nine months to heal. She picked up a bacterial infection called rhodococcus and fought for her life to be where she is now.

This is Chonk. He was a terrified barn kitty that needed out of the winter elements when someone was relocating. Here he is now with his boy 

This is Uno. Uno man came with a ruptured eye and an upper respiratory infection. He is now placed and thriving!

This is Rosie. Look closely and you’ll see the fish hook that was in her paw when she came to us. Now she is the happiest of lap cats. 

This is Ohio. Ohio came to us very sickly. His mom spent almost a year getting him to where he is now. Talk about dedication!!!

This is Achoo. Someone moved and locked her in a basement for three weeks with no food or water. She is healed, healthy, and beautiful! 

This is Missy. She came sick, very very thin and very pregnant. We adopted out her six kittens and her as well 💕

This is Ginny. She was hit by a car at only 6 weeks old. She suffered multiple injuries including a broken leg and pelvis. She had a maggot infestation in her rectum as well. She is now a happy, healthy kitten that is so so grateful 🙌

This is Bella Paris. She was found in the parking lot of BP suffering wounds to her face that we assume were from being tossed out of a moving vehicle. She now is enjoying life in her furrever home!

This is Mocha. Mocha was a bottle baby that was abandoned by his mommy and found by a good Sam.

This is Dani, one of the original group of siblings that stayed in the shed before the renovations.

This is Jo. Dani and Squirrels brother. We named him Cujo at first because he was so feral. Now, he is a docile cat to an elderly woman who loves him so much!

This is Squirrel. He’s the brother of Dani and Jo who were all living in a dumpster. He was COVERED in fleas and ticks and very sick. He’s now a happy house kitty full of spunk.


This is Euri, found by a good Samaritan burnt. He was singed all over but third degree necrotic skin was covering his paws. He was dehydrated and his jaw was completely shattered. This boy was in bad shape HOWEVER, it was clear he had a will to live. After extensive surgery on his jaw, wound cleaning, extended care, antibiotics, and jaw pinning, he is healing wonderfully and waiting to find a forever home!

This is Renegade!

Renegade came to us as a frightened barn kitten. He was with us for several months and beat Chlamydial Conjunctivitis and Mycoplasma. Today he is happy and healthy! He now lives in California and is obsessed with his mama! Renegade has an Instagram @renegadesescapades

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