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Donate to the rescue 

Dozens of homeless and abandoned felines each year are saved and find a new home through our rescue- could you help us?

Running a shelter is not a financially easy endeavor. It is very, very expensive. At Maddox and Friends Cat Rescue, we are dedicated to providing the absolute best care for the cats and kittens we care for. While we stretch every dollar as far as we can, we refuse to cut corners and settle for the quick fixes that may not be the best option for the animal. This comes at a high price, but is worth every penny. Sometimes our rescues are as quick and simple as a spay/neuter and some basic vet care; but sometimes we encounter extensive issues that require advanced veterinary care and treatments. We fight for every cat to beat the odds, even if it comes at a high price; because every animal deserves a chance at a wonderful life. Because of the quality of care we provide, the amount of animals we can care for depends on the funding that we receive. At times, if funding is low, we must regretfully stop taking in new rescues until new funding is available. That is why we encourage you to donate whenever you are able. Your donations directly benefit the felines we rescue. We are a non profit and every dime given is used solely for our rescue. Donations help us provide veterinary care, allow us to participate in the trap, neuter, return program (TNR) and provides supplies needed to keep our kitties happy and healthy. This includes buying things like litter, food, medical supplies, cleaning supplies, toys and more. More often than we would like, we have dipped into our own personal funds to supply what our rescue needs.

Please consider donating, whether it be a one time gift, or monthly to help keep us going. Any amount is appreciated, and non monetary donations are also welcome.  Our sweet felines and myself thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

Visit us on Facebook to see updates on how your funding is being used to save precious lives!



Ways to Donate

PayPal is our current preferred method of monetary donations. PayPal is safe, secure, and does not charge the rescue a percentage on our donations received. Click the "PayPal" button to be directed to our PayPal link. We also have other options like Cash App and Venmo! The buttons will take you to those pages. Once in the account, funds are distributed based on rescue needs. 100% of your donation supports our feline friends, that is our promise to you!

Non-monetary donations are always welcome. Please visit our Amazon Wishlist for current items needed by our rescue.

Apply funds directly to our account at the Edgewood Vet Clinic of Ashtabula. Donations can be made to the Maddox & Friends account. 


If you would like to donate in another way, please message us on Facebook. We would love to work with you!

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