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About Us!

Hi! I'm Sara. The crazy cat lady who founded Maddox & Friends Cat Rescue. I started rescuing cats and animals long before the name and donations, but I could not do enough on my own so I had to make a plan. The only logical option? Open a rescue! Maddox & Friends was born from my love for cats and the overwhelming need to save and home the many strays that did not stand a chance on their own. More so than just loving cats, I am passionate about animals who did not have a caregiver. Everything and everyone deserves someone that cares. Someone that can provide basic needs and try to improve quality of life where it is lacking. There’s never enough people to care for the amount of cats and kittens that are in our immediate and surrounding areas, so knowing that I can be a part of something so much bigger than me is both rewarding and challenging. I love a good challenge. I love the work that I do and will continue to do it with your help and support!

-Love, Peace, & Good Vibes



At Maddox and Friends, I don't do it alone. Thanks to board members Kelsey Killian and Brittany Davis for the support!

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